Active Committees for Local 1329 are:

Job Evaluation Committee – This committee is responsible for reviewing Local 1329 jobs when they are submitted to Human Resources for grading or re-grading.  The committee is comprised of three Union Executive members; Tony Cordeiro, Acting President, Rose Villa, Steward and Neil Gallant, Acting Vice President & Secretary. There are also three management representatives and one representative from Human Resources.

As per the collective agreement, Article 25 – Job Evaluation, outlines the beginning process on how a member can re-evaluate their job classification Position Description Questionnaire – PDQ)

For further information on how to have your job evaluated, or to appeal a decision from the committee, visit the Human Resources Pay and Job Evaluation page

Required Resources

  • Union Collective Agreement
  • Job Evaluation Process (includes appeal process)
  • Request for Evaluation

Negotiations Committee – This committee is comprised of Union Executive members who are appointed by the President to negotiate a new contract for the membership when the current Collective Agreement expires.  The appointments to the committee are made prior to the expiration of the current collective agreement. There are also five management representatives and two to three representatives from Human Resources.

2019 Negotiations Team

Laura Brown, Steward

Tony Cordeiro, Vice President

Stephen Dingwall, President

Neil Gallant, Secretary

Robin McKenna – CUPE National Representative

Rose Villa, Steward

Labour Management Committee – This committee consists of the President and Vice President who meet with the Labour Management team to discuss labour issues on behalf of the members.  The committee meets every month. There are also three management representatives and one representative from Human Resources.

Joint Health and Safety Committee – This committee consists of Tony Cordeiro, Acting President and Marny Sharpen, Steward, along with both union and non-union staff from various departments, including one representative from Human Resources.