CUPE 1329 members are added to the seniority list after the completion of their twenty-six (26) week probation period.

The seniority list is utilized for the following, but not limited to:

  • Vacation entitlements & approvals
  • Layoff and recall
  • Filling a position

For further information, please see the collective agreement or contact a CUPE 1329 steward.

The Seniority List is updated twice annually.

1329_Seniority_List Jan 2018

1329_Seniority_List June 2018

1329_Seniority_List Jan 2019

1329_Seniority_List June 2019

1329_Seniority_List Jan 2020

1329_Seniority_List June 2020

1329_Seniority_List Jan 2021

1329 Seniority List June 2021

1329_Seniority_List January 2022

1329_Seniority_List June 2022

1329_Seniority_List January 2023

1329_Seniority_List June 2023