Collective agreement

Our current collective agreement is effective 2016 – 2019.


Historic Collective Agreements

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The following are a list of websites that may be of some interest to you.

CUPE National

CUPE Ontario

Canadian Legal Information Institute

Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.19

Health and Safety | Ministry of Labour




Should you come across a website that you would like to share, please contact your union executive team by complete the Contact Us form.

Benevolent Fund

The Members’ Benefits Benevolent Fund is administered by Local 1329. Sometimes an CUPE Local 1329 member faces a life event that qualifies for financial assistance/gift from the union.

Effective September 19, 2018

Union Member – Birth / Adoption Celebration

  • Floral arrangement or gift after birth of baby  – $125.00

Union Member – Marriage Celebration

  • Gift – $125.00

Death of immediate family member:

  • Parent, Step-parent, Spouse, Child, Step-child, Brother, Sister, Grandchild, Grandparent, Son-in-law, Daughter-in-law, Brother-in-law, Sister-in-law, Parent-in-law, Legal Guardian, Aunt and Uncle.

Floral Tribute or Charitable Memorial Donation – $185.00


For each full year of service, $25.00 per year

Any retiring member will receive an additional gift of $250.00 (note: OMERS criteria)


Please let us know if a CUPE member has had a life event, by completing the form.  

Only submit the request after the life event has occurred.

Pay and Job Evaluation

Are you looking to re-evaluate your position?

Members will be required to review the following:

  • Collective Agreement
  • Job Evaluation Process
  • PDQ Form
  • Request for Evaluation
  • Department Director or Designate approval required

As per the collective agreement, Article 25 – Job Evaluation, outlines the beginning process on how a member can re-evaluate their job classification Position Description Questionnaire – (PDQ)

For further information on how to have your job evaluated, or to appeal a decision from the committee, visit the Human Resources Pay and Job Evaluation page.



Seniority List

CUPE 1329 members are added to the seniority list after the completion of their twenty-six (26) week probation period.

The seniority list is utilized for the following, but not limited to:

  • Vacation entitlements & approvals
  • Layoff and recall
  • Filling a position

For further information, please see the collective agreement or contact a CUPE 1329 steward.

The Seniority List is updated twice annually.

1329_Seniority_List Jan 2018

1329_Seniority_List June 2018

1329_Seniority_List Jan 2019

Grievance Procedure

Do you feel you need to file a grievance?

The grievance procedure is located in the collective agreement under Article 9.

If you feel that there has been a violation of the collective agreement relating to the interpretation, application or administration, as a member – YOU can file a grievance.

You have 5 full working days to inform a Steward that there has been a collective agreement violation (time of incident), in order for the Steward to fill the appropriate documentation to management/Human Resources.

The next steps include:
Step 1 – verbally filling the grievance with management/Human Resources
Step 2 – written submission to Department Head/Human Resources
Step 3 – formal meeting with the member, union representative and management

Past Meetings

General Membership Meeting – September 19, 2018, 4:45 p.m. – Bronte Room

This meeting is for all union members. Click onto view what will be discussed.




Should you wish a copy of the minutes from a meeting, email


Bylaws are rules and procedures for making decisions, choosing leaders and handling the local’s finances, among other things.  The link below provides the approved Bylaws by Cupe National governing Cupe Local 1329.

  • Local 1329 By-Laws – under review –



Benefit coverage based on collective for the period from February 16, 2013 to February 16, 2016.

Note: As per discussions with payroll, the Local has been informed that due to no changes in the benefit coverage, only the cover to the benefit book has been modified to reflect the current collective agreement, 2016-2019. All coverage is the same as the 2013 – 2016 collective agreement.

2014 Group Benefits Plan

To submit your benefit claim to Sun Life, or to download the Sun Life Mobile App, click here



What is Local 1329 contract number?

  • 56261

Can I contact Sun Life directly?

  • Yes, their telephone number is 1-800-361-6212

What can I use my Health Spending Account for?

  • You can use your Health Spending Account to cover medical, hospital and dental expenses that are eligible, medical expenses under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and are not paid in full under your group plan, your spouse’s plan, or any other government sponsored plan.

I am travelling, do I need to bring any Health Coverage with me?

  • Yes, before you travel, visit the Sun Life website and print the travel card.  This card is called the Medi Passport, by Europ Assist USA, Inc.

Who do I contact at Town Hall regarding my benefit questions?

  • For inquires regarding your Sun Life group benefits, please contact the Pension and Benefit Specialist.